A Camel burger is a burger – or is it?

Camel burger: Low in fat, similar in taste and texture to pork, beef or lamb, for the adventurous eater, camel meat may be a very real option. Camel meat from young camels provide the best eating experience. Burgers made with meat from older camels have a tendency to be tough and gamey.

Camel burger

What makes camel meat delectable

Prized in North Africa and the Middle East, the tastiest camel meat comes from the hump. The fattier and most tender section of the camel anatomy.

In addition to the high praise of it as a meat source. Camel milk, itself, contains three times the vitamin C of cow’s milk and is rich in iron and B vitamins.

In comparison to other red meat, lovers of camel meat claim that it’s healthier, leaner, and a good source of protein and vitamin E.  

Camel burger

Where does camel meat come from?

Surprisingly, Australia is a major exporter of camel meat.

As a matter of fact, Australia is home to the largest wild (feral) camel population in the world. Camels are not indigineous to Australia.  They, along with Afghan cameleers first arrived in the mid-19th century to explore the Australian outback.

The Afghan cameleers, however, were not all from Afghanistan. The majority were primarily Muslims from British North India.  

Camel burger

Throughout the evolving cameleer history, Australian sensibilities led to the establishment of the White Australian Immigration Policy. Which, in turn, established national racial tensions and practices in Australia until the mid 1970’s.

Today, growing feral camel herds are presenting Australians with an ecological threat to both delicate ecosystems and local water supplies.

As a result, the growing camel meat export industry in Australia is providing solutions to their ecological challenges.

Believe it or not, camel meat is also popular in Minnesota which has a large, thriving Somali population.

Camel burger

So just imagine chomping down on a juicy camel burger, in between slurps of a chocolate camel milk shake.  

Camel burger

Yum, yum…or is it?  

Right now, as for the overall popularization of camel meat in the U.S. Only the camel meat lover can testify to its goodness!

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